GRC Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program gives high school students exposure to college-level material through involvement in AP courses.


GRC's AP program offers rigorous college level courses that prepare students for success in their academic futures.


If a student successfully passes the AP exam administered in May, college credit and/or advanced placement can be earned (depending on the student's test score and the college policies).

AP courses are demanding and parents should carefully assess whether the student can keep up with an accelerated pace of learning, especially when combined with extracurricular activities.

Art History

   Teacher: Katherine Lowther


   Teacher: Stephanie Jefferson

Calculus AB

   Teacher: Seth Heinss


   Teacher: Matt Dickison

English Language & Composition

   Teachers: Kayla Clevenger  Madeline Gash

English Literature

   Teachers: Eloise Lynch  Katherine Lowther


   Teacher: Lydia Kohler

Human Geography

   Teacher: Matthew Cunningham

Music Theory

   Teacher: Kris Olson


   Teacher: Amanda Crowell


   Teacher: Megan Snellen


   Teacher: Alexis Powell

Studio Art

   Teacher: Brittani Fuller

US Govt. & Political Science

   Teacher: Brent Sizemore

World History

   Teacher: Matthew Shepherd