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About the Freshman Academy...

To ease the transition into high school by emphasizing consistent academic support  and meaningful teacher-student relationships, GRC’s Freshman Academy was created more than a decade ago. 


Since then, test scores have increased, drop out rates have decreased, and a higher percentage of ninth graders has gone on to thrive emotionally, socially and academically throughout high school.

Comprised of the G, R and C teams, the Freshman Academy provides the opportunity for each incoming high school student to meet his or her teachers and classmates before the school year begins.


Freshman Orientation has proven to be a productive time of connecting, ice breaking and fellowship as the ninth graders learn their way around the school, walk through their schedules, and most important, connect with peers and teachers.


Each freshman team includes a teacher for each of the core subjects – math, science, English and social studies – along

with a resource teacher and a Reading Plus teacher.


The Freshman Academy is distinct from the upper grades in that it is contained to one wing of the building.  Though students interact throughout the school for their elective classes in the mornings, they are in the same team classes for the core subjects.


With its own principal, lead teacher and guidance counselor, the Academy is able to sustain a safe, productive and high quality learning and social environment.


Students who fail a ninth grade course do not repeat the course in the Academy so the environment and transitional period are not compromised for incoming ninth grade students.

Specifically targeting the unique needs of ninth grade students, GRC’s Freshman Academy boosts our students’ educational foundation and encourages their grasp of the value of lifelong learning.

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