Parking Pass Guidelines

Student drivers must have a permit ($10) and must park in their assigned space. Vehicles without a valid permit may be towed. A $5 fee must be paid to reinstate a suspended permit.

Students are ineligible for a parking permit if they have 6 unexcused absences or 10 unexcused tardies the previous school year/semester. Parking permits are suspended for 10 days after the 4th tardy to school (1st period) or the 4th unexcused absence. Parking permits are suspended the remainder of the year after the 7th tardy to school (1st period), the 6th unexcused absence, or the 5th disciplinary referral. (Students have 3 parents notes per semester for tardies, in addition to 6 parent notes per year for absences.)

Students who transport another students who is not authorized to leave campus will be kicked out of co-op and his/her permit will be suspended.

Students who find someone parked in their spot need to park in the first row (1-37) and notify Mrs. Harrison in the front office. Students must have permission from an administrator to park any vehicle, trailer, etc., on campus that has not been assigned a parking permit.


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