Senior Formal Portraits

Professional tux and drape portraits for the Class of 2018 will be taken Thursday, Oct. 12, by Prestige Portraits, a division of Lifetouch.

The students will be called to the auditorium alphabetically, with EKU Now seniors called first before they leave school. Students are asked to stay in their classrooms until they are called.

Girls - Drapes are provided. Please bring a tank top that the straps can easily be slipped off the shoulders. The picture company also brings a few strands of pearls for anyone who may want them.

Guys - Tux shirts, jackets and ties are provided. It's easier if you bring or are wearing a T-shirt to put the tux shirt over but it isn't required.

Any JROTC senior may choose to wear his/her formal uniform with jacket (Class A uniform) in lieu of drape/tux for senior portraits.

Seniors will receive proofs to view, along with ordering instructions, a couple of weeks after picture day. The proof packages will be distributed at school.

These formal portraits will automatically be provided to the school for publication in the Yearbook, at no cost to you.

Senior Portrait Retake Day is Nov. 20. Students who are absent Oct. 12 will automatically be placed on the retake list. Those who want retakes after seeing their proofs may sign up in Room 227.

If you have questions about ordering or proof packages, call Lifetouch at 502-348-2309.



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