Counseling Update

The addition of two new counselors has brought some changes to the Guidance Office. Mrs. Bruton and Mr. Parish accepted jobs in Fayette County, leaving vacancies for seniors and sophomores.

The school has hired two counselors, both of whom are already part of the GRC family, and restructured the responsibilities.

The freshman counselor is Ashley Childers, who interned with Mrs. Mink for a year so is already familiar with the freshmen and the responsibilities of the job.

The sophomore counselor is Ryan Daniel, who previously taught Bible and freshman Civics. This is Mr. Daniel's fourth year at GRC.

The junior counselor is now Jennifer Mink, who previously was the 9th grade counselor. She worked with these students when they were freshmen.

The senior counselor is now Mickey Little, who previously was the 11th grade counselor and has had the privilege of working with this group of students.

These changes were made to create a smooth transition for our students and ensure their success throughout their high school career.

"Our goal is to be supportive and efficient," Mr. Little said. "We are here for the students and want to help them in every possible way."

Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Childers, Mrs. Mink, Mr. Little

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