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Chromebook return process

The collection process for school-issued Chromebooks and chargers will begin the week of May 17th. The schedule for this collection process will be as follows:

  • May 17th - all in-person Senior devices will be collected

  • May 18th - all in-person Freshman devices will be collected

  • May 20th - all in-person Sophomore devices will be collected

  • May 21st - all in-person Junior devices will be collected

Distance learning students may begin returning their devices on May 19th with the final day to return these devices happening no later than May 26th.

During the collection process, students will be asked to sanitize their Chromeboook and charger. A teacher will inspect the device for any damage or misuse.

As outlined in the Chromebook Student Agreement, the first incident of accidental damage will incur a fee of $50, the second $70, and the third $90. The cost for a lost Chromebook is $275. The cost for a lost or damaged charger is $30.

If a student knows they have damaged their Chromebook or lost their charger they may bring the money on their assigned days. Those who do not will have their parents or guardian notified.

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