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Former GRC teacher hired as Assistant Principal

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Leigh Ann Williams as an Assistant Principal of GRC. A native Eastern Kentuckian, she resides in Lexington with her husband, Lamar, and their children, Chandler and Tayber.

Mrs. Williams began her teaching career in 2009 at Betsy Layne High School in Floyd County where she taught English II and ACT Prep courses. It was there that she experienced the profound impact of an exceptional principal, who ignited her passion for teaching and learning. Inspired by this experience, she aspired to one day become an administrator who could make a similar difference in the lives of her own staff and students.

Following her tenure at Betsy Layne, Leigh Ann joined the GRC community. Fondly referred to as "Ms. Tuttle" by her former students, Mrs. Williams taught English II and ACT Prep courses from 2013 to 2017. She also served as the English Language Arts Department Chair and an Instructional Coach. Mrs. Williams played a pivotal role in ensuring students were college and career ready in English and reading. She attributes this success to the strong leadership she witnessed from her principal at the time.

Having been guided by two exemplary principals throughout her career, Mrs. Williams felt prepared to embark on her own leadership journey. That journey began in 2017 with Fayette County Public Schools, when she assumed an administrative role at Leestown Middle School. After one year in that position, she transitioned to a district role as School-Based Instructional Specialist, where she has since dedicated herself to turnaround efforts at Crawford Middle School for the past five years.

With a Bachelor's degree in English Education (5-12), a Master's degree as a Literary Specialist (K-12), and an Education Specialist degree (Ed.S) in Instructional Leadership (K-12), Mrs. Williams brings a wealth of professional expertise and knowledge to her new role. In addition, Mrs. Williams has personal experiences that she proudly refers to as the “difference maker” in equipping her to relate to and therefore reach even the most reluctant students.

Largely driven by the impact that her own education and former instructors had on her life, Mrs. Williams firmly believes in the transformative power of education. She feels a deep responsibility to support students in overcoming their own challenges. In fact, she considers it her life's purpose.

Returning "home" to GRC, Mrs. Williams expresses her excitement and states that her love for the school and community has never wavered during her physical absence. She is eager to continue the important work needed to ensure greatness at GRC, and she looks forward to making a positive impact on the students, staff, and wider community as Assistant Principal.

Welcome to GRC, Mrs. Williams!

Leigh Ann and Lamar Williams with Chandler and Tayber.


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