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GRC prepared for any back-to-school scenario

Whatever the fall will look like for school, please rest assured in knowing that GRC is working hard and WILL BE prepared.

A committee of teachers, staff, and administrators has been meeting since mid June, hashing out procedures and protocol for whatever scenario the school will face.

At this week’s meeting, five students were present to give feedback. The students provided valuable input to the discussions as we continue to work through strategies.

Obviously, with the constantly changing situation, it has been difficult to finalize any plans.

From breakfast and lunch procedures to temperature checks to dismissal plans, the committee has discussed every possible scenario and has come up with a solid way to address each situation.

There is much we don’t know but here is what we do know…

  • Masks will be required during the school day.

  • Breakfast and lunch will not be as normal.

  • Cleaning protocols will be increased in all areas of the school.

  • The Clark County Board of Education voted to purchase temporal scanners that automatically check temperatures upon the students’ entry to school.

  • Chromebooks have been purchased for every student in grades 3-12. The distribution procedure for these devices will be announced soon.

  • Specific procedures and protocol for how GRC will handle the school day will be announced once it is decided how back-to-school will work in Clark County.

Please know that the school administration and staff are committed to ensuring that everyone is returning to the SAFEST environment possible.



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