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Picture days are March 16th, 18th, 22nd

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

School pictures will begin to be taken next week as we return to school.

Students will have multiple opportunities to be photographed over the course of three days with a make-up day planned for a later date in April or May.

Please note that these pictures are free to students and will be included in the 2020-2021 yearbook.

Students will be able to remove their masks for the pictures, and photographers will be behind their cameras at all times.

Photographers will not be adjusting clothing or hair like in years past to keep all parties safe.

Below are the dates and times we have scheduled for pictures and some important information for our virtual students and seniors.

Tuesday, March 16th: 9th-11th grade will be photographed during school hours

Thursday, March 18th: Noon - 6 p.m. for seniors and virtual students

Monday, March 22nd: 9 a.m. - Noon for seniors and virtual students

Virtual students and seniors (early grads included): These students should sign up for a time slot to be photographed on one of these days.

√ 9th-11th virtual students use the following link:

√ Seniors and early grads use the following link:

» Students (any student signed up who is not in the building) will come to the back parking lot of the new gym/auditorium parking lot (where parent drop off is) and enter through the doors to the left. They will be photographed, then exit the building out the opposite side they entered.

» Seniors who are in the building being photographed on these days will come to the auditorium lobby down the main stairwell to the auditorium and check in outside the auditorium doors. They will then be directed to the new gym lobby for their pictures.

» If a senior has already been to Holifield Photography or has an appointment scheduled at their studio, their tux and drape pictures will be included in the yearbook and those seniors do not need to sign up for a new picture time unless they would like to do retakes during this time.

Senior tux and drape pictures

> Seniors will have access to the restrooms on the first floor if they need to change.

> These are not cap and gown pictures – those will be taken on April 6th (be on the lookout for more information to come in the following weeks).

> Senior Girls: Wear a tank top that allows for the straps to easily slide off the shoulders easily so they don’t appear in the off the shoulder drape picture. Girls may also want to bring jewelry (i.e. pearl earrings/necklace) as these are common accessories for drape pictures.

> Senior Boys: Wear a plain white T-shirt.

> If a senior does not want to share the tux and drape provided by Holifield, boys may wear their own white button-down shirt and a solid color tie, and girls can wear their own nice black top/dress in replace of the classic drape. No T-shirts, please.

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