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Recognizing our GSP, GSA selections

Congratulations to the following students on their selection to either the Governor's Scholars Program or the Governor's School for the Arts.

Governor's Scholars: Ruthie Houston, Madison Marsillett, Claire Martin, Lilyana Rosas, Barbara Sheehan, Mason Boley, Hunter Cooper, Cooper Kincaid, Jackson McCormick,

Tennyson Prater.

Governor's School for the Arts: Charlee Wesley, Musical Theatre; Emma Hackworth, Musical Theatre; Courtlin Crabtree, Vocal Music; Silas Coogle, Creative Writing.

Front row, Cooper Kincaid, Emma Hackworth, CJ Wesley, Barbara Sheehan, and Courtlin Crabtree; and back row, Hunter Cooper, Jackson McCormick, Claire Martin, Ruthie Houston, Madison Marsillett, Mason Boley, Lilyana Rosas, and Silas Coogle.

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